Cultivate the World Around You

We all need connection. Connection to each other, our community and our world. Connection feeds us mind, body, and spirit. It brings us closer to our true selves. The best way to find this kind of deep connection is to give back, get involved with something that allows us to be part of something greater than ourselves, forge a lasting impact with those around us, and cultivate the world we live in.

It doesn't have to be big to make an impact

Start small, start local. Figure out what you're passionate about, how much time or money you are able to give, and most importantly, find a need. Then take action . . .

Find a Cause

There are so many great ways to change the world around you. You can donate your time, money, but you can also do something as simple as registering in an organization's data base. Learn about some great organizations doing wonderful work in the world.

Becoming a Force for Good: Seven Ways to Get Started

The fact is, the world needs you. It needs your goodness, generosity and time. Whatever your gifts, your limitations, your uncertainties or your schedule, the world needs the good that is uniquely yours to share.